Bones AudioVisual Monsters


Bogotá based, BONES is a restless audiovisual creative Bureau. Since 2009 we have had the opportunity to work with different and reknowed agencies, TV channels and industries Worldwide; delivering groundbreaking works within a variety of specialized gamuts: Animation, Creative Conceptualization, Production Design, Motion graphics, VFX.

Besides having a passionate collective of professionals, whose optimistic and fresh styles motivates us to push constantly our boundaries, we have the luck to maintain strong partnerships with international studios such as: Abstract Groove (Italy), and NohVFX (Spain); allowing us to expand in the global market, at the same time we embrace all the possible creative and tecnical challenges with the neccessary tools.

Moreover, possessed by the impulse of creating mind-blowing projects, attributes which define us, it is definitely the pursuit of courage and excellency what characterizes BONES as not just a creative studio, but as a lifestyle founded in doing things with heart-work and talent.